Anti-Aging With Microneedling

At Deux Rosé Beauty Refinery we can’t stress enough how skincare treatments and cosmetic injections go hand in hand when it comes to successful anti-aging. One of our favorite facial treatments to combine with your injection routine is Microneedling. 

Microneedling treatments address fine lines, textured skin, scarring and promote collagen production. Results from the Microneedling treatments can be seen after just one treatment, but for optimal results, you’ll want to receive three to four sessions. 

At Deux Rosé, we use The Skin Pen for Microneedling treatments. It is the only FDA approved Microneedling pen on the market and it’s imperative to ask your service provider if they’re using The Skin Pen if you’re seeing a provider outside of our clinic. This ensures a safe and effective result. 

Microneedling appointments take about 45 minutes, half of that time is spent numbing and going over pre and post care information with your service provider. After your appointment, you may experience redness immediately after but it typically subsides after the first 24-48 hours. You can receive Microneedling treatments every four to six weeks, we strongly recommend getting on a consistent service routine for optimal results. 

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