Custom Facials: Why You Need Them

The words, “Custom Facial” may not be unique to the world of med spas, but the elements in what they’re consisted of varies from spa to spa. We want to explain the benefits of a Custom Facial, and what exactly you get when you receive one at Deux Rose Beauty Refinery!

Our core Custom Facial is a four part service that consists of a cleanse, focus, treatment and concludes with a serum and moisturizer. Upon arrival, clients are presented with our Custom Facial Menu that outlines each step that they can select based on their individual skincare needs. We also offer attractive Luxe Add Ons for further customization. A few of our Luxe Add ons include, 24 karat gold sheets, CBD oil and Microcurrent treatments.

Custom Facials offer flexibility to our clients. Skincare needs can change with stress, activities, weather, and hormonal changes. Custom Facials allows the client to receive an affordable option to get their skin on track! The Deux Rose Custom Facial begins at $99 and includes options for upgrades that range in price from $25 to $49!

So, why get a Custom Facial over any other treatments? The answer is, Custom Facials help treat a variety of skincare needs instead of other services that focus on a singular concern. Custom Facials are affordable and are encouraged to be maintained on a monthly basis. Great skin comes with consistency so book your appointment today!


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