Custom Facials


Stressed? Had a hard week? Looking for a way to treat yourself? Look no further than a Deux Rosé custom facial. But, choosing a custom facial is only the beginning because, as the name suggests, there’s no shortage of cleansers, exfoliants, boosters, etc. to suite your individual needs.

What is a Custom Facial?

A custom facial is exactly what it sounds like: an individualized facial treatment developed by you and one of our skin care professionals meant to target the specific needs of your skin.

What does a Facial do to your Skin?

Our custom facials cleanses, exfoliate and nourish your complexion, which helps promote a clear and well hydrated face. As such, it’s the perfect compliment to one of our injection services.

How Often Can I Get a Custom Facial?

In a perfect world, we’d be able to kick back on our gold-painted throne after brunch and enjoy a custom facial every. single. day. In the real world though, getting a custom facial is recommended once a month as consistency helps the skin create desired results.

How Long does a Facial Last?

This is a two-part answer. Our custom facial services usually take about 45 minutes to complete, but they can last longer depending on the selected add-ons. The effects of a custom facial however, can last anywhere from 48 to 72 hours. Because the skin is so hydrated, it boosts circulation and will continue to allow fresh blood to bring nutrients to the skin cells.

Who is not a Candidate for a Custom Facial?

Due to the plethora of options available to our clients, we’re confident that we can create a custom facial specific to each individual’s needs. As with all our procedures, the client will consult with one of our trained estheticians to determine appropriate services for patients who are on medication, breastfeeding or pregnant.

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