How Often Should You Get Facials? The Recipe For Great Skin

For facial newbies, the question of how often one should get facials is a valid question. The answer is, it depends on your specific skin conditions and what it is that you’re trying to accomplish.

On average, it is recommended to get a facial once a month. This time frame can vary slightly depending on the intensity of skincare treatments and their required downtime. The main point being, that consistency is key and neglect is more expensive than maintenance.

Receiving professional services at least once a month should be in addition to a daily skincare routine. Having quality skincare products is imperative as we age, protecting your skin against harmful UV rays, free radicals and day to day buildup.

If you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to facials, a great introductory service is our $99 Custom Facial that focuses on your individual skincare needs. We also highly recommend HydraFacial treatments once a month to deeply clean dirts and oils embedded in your skin, and replenish with antioxidants. If you’re a beginner to skincare routines, start with a quality cleanser, vitamin C serum, sunscreen and moisturizer. Skincare doesn’t have to be intimidating, start with the basics, identify your skincare concerns and be consistent!


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