Lip Flips: Everything You Need to Know

You’ve probably heard the term “lip flip” thrown around before, but do you actually know what it is? A lip flip is when an injector places a few units of anti-wrinkle (Botox, Dysport or Xeomin) along the upper lip, near the border, which relaxes and “flips” the upper lip. When this is done, it makes your upper lip more visible and plump without any filler.

Lip flips are accomplished with neuromodulator (AKA anti-wrinkle), not filler, so it is important to distinguish between the two. Depending on your specific desires and goals, a lip flip could be the perfect option for you! When the anti-wrinkle is injected above your upper lip, it relaxes the muscle and allows the lip to flip upwards. Anti-wrinkle treatments in your upper lip can also temporarily treat a gummy smile as well.

Per the state of Nevada, patients are required to purchase anti-wrinkle by the vial. Although it only takes a few units of anti-wrinkle to achieve a lip flip, we recommend receiving anti-wrinkle in other areas as well (such as your forehead, crow’s feet, etc.). If you’re interested in a lip flip, call our front desk at 702-683-2831 to schedule your consultation!