Lip Injections: What To Expect And How To Prep

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If you’re considering injection treatments of any kind, it can understandably be a little intimidating and possibly unclear as to how to prepare for an injection, or what to expect after. But the good news is that we’re here to help!

For starters, the preparation, possible side effects, and aftercare will vary depending on what treatment you receive. And while some reactions to injections are normal, not all people experience them. This article will be one in a series but will focus on what to do before and after your lip injection appointment specifically.

In our clinic, all new patients are given a new patient packet that gives us insight into any allergies, current conditions, and medical history that we need to be aware of. They are then seen by Dr. Gresen for a brief medical consultation to ensure that the client is a candidate to receive injections and once they’ve been deemed a healthy candidate, the real fun begins and our lovely Nurse Injectors work their magic!

When you receive injections in our clinic, the results are achieved with a collaboration between our Nurse Injector’s recommendation and your personal expectations. Clients can expect to be fully assessed by our Nurse Injector’s professional opinions on what steps will be taken to accomplish the desired result and which injection product is the best suited for them.

Now let’s talk about what to do before you see our amazing staff.

Lip Injections Prep:

Avoid taking blood thinning medications or even supplements like fish oil tablets for 48 hours before your appointment as these can contribute to bleeding during the injection. We also advise clients to abstain from alcohol consumption 24 hours prior to your injection appointment. Drinking alcohol the night before an appointment can contribute to swelling, bruising, and bleeding.

Come hydrated and have a light meal before (preferably with carbs to keep your blood sugar up).

If you are someone who experiences cold sores, we recommend taking your prescribed medication for the three days leading up to your appointment and continuing to take the medication three days after to prevent any breakouts. An alternative to prescribed cold sore medication, the dietary supplement, Lysene, will also be sufficient.

Lip Injections Post-Care:

Fillers are hydrophilic, meaning that the product draws water to the site of the injection. This can sometimes cause bubbles or bumps in the lips where a product has unevenly settled. Don’t panic, fillers can be molded up to two weeks post injection and can be massaged back into the uneven areas.


IT’S NORMAL! Lip fillers are hyaluronic acid and are naturally produced by the body which allows the product to be safely metabolized. However, lip fillers are still synthetic so it is common for people to swell, have bruising, or to have soreness. These reactions simply go away on their own after a few days. If a client has severe swelling, this reaction is typically immediate and can be determined before a client leaves the clinic if they need to be prescribed a medication to bring the swelling down within the hour.

Lip Injections:

If You Don’t Love Them: If you decide that perhaps lip fillers just aren’t for you, then not to worry. Lip fillers can be dissolved and the dissolvent begins working immediately.



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