Liquid Nose Jobs: What You Need To Know

The magic of dermal fillers doesn’t end with plump lips and contoured cheeks. Filler can also be applied to the nose, which is commonly referred to as a liquid nose job. These treatments can be incredibly transformative and beautiful, but patients should know exactly what to expect with this popular treatment.

Liquid nose jobs are one of the more risky injection treatments that should only be administered by an experienced injector. This is due to the fact that major arteries run down the face in very close proximity to the nose. At Deux Rose Beauty Refinery, we use an Accuvein and a Doppler to locate these major arteries to minimize these risks. For those receiving injections in clinics who are not using these safety features, they should be aware of the injector injuring the patient and potentially causing blindness if an artery is occluded.

Liquid nose jobs are an amazing alternative for those considering a traditional rhinoplasty and the benefits are numerous! This treatment takes less than an hour to perform, is relatively comfortable, the result lasts up to two years and there is no downtime! This treatment helps to create the illusion of symmetry and we are able to accomplish this by adding filler to the bridge and tip of the nose. It’s important to note that these areas are the only areas that filler can be applied to safely.

Liquid nose jobs allow clients to “try on” a new nose before committing to a rhinoplasty. On average, clients can expect to need a full syringe of filler to achieve the nasal symmetry. In our clinc, our full syringes for this treatment are $750.


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