Our Favorite HydraFacial Add-Ons

If your self-care routine includes getting monthly facials, then you’ve probably heard of a HydraFacial treatment. A classic HydraFacial treatment is a standard, three-step treatment that exfoliates texture, decongests clogged pores and replenishes the skin with antioxidants. However, we always encourage clients to consider add-ons to enhance the benefits of the HydraFacial to meet your specific skincare concerns. Some of our favorite add-ons for the HydraFacial include dermaplaning, jelly masks and HydraFacial boosters! 

Dermaplaning is our most popular add-on. This step would come before the HydraFacial treatment, this is an exfoliating step where the first layer of dead skin and peach fuzz are gently removed. The exfoliation allows the skin to absorb a secondary treatment, like the HydraFacial. Dermaplaning also helps brighten the complexion and smooths the skin. 

For those wanting an added boost of hydration, consider the jelly mask as your next HydraFacial add-on. We carry the hydrojelly mask suite from EstheMax and they come in a variety of options to address skincare concerns that vary from acne to anti-aging. The jelly masks are activated by water and when applied to the face, it acts as a seal to lock in moisture to the skin. Jelly masks leave your skin glowing and hydrated and are a great addition to your HydraFacial. 

Last but not least, the HydraFacial boosters. HydraFacial boosters are engineered serums to act as an added step to infuse into the pores. Boosters concentrate on specific skin concerns like redness reduction or dermal repair, and many more! 

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