Chin Balancing

Chin Balancing


1 hour: 1 ML of HA Filler through the area of the chin. Topical numbing is provided prior to services. Physician at Deux Rose’ Beauty Refinery must deem you medically stable to receive services. Please know all injection appointments will have a consult with a physician and registered nurse. More than one syringe of filler may be necessary to provide maximum desired results.

What is Chin Filler?

Chin filler can be administered to accomplish a sculpted and symmetrical look.

Client’s wanting to enhance their chin do so in order to create symmetry or want to create a pronounced chin line if there is a lack of definition. It is often for client’s to want their chin enhanced after receiving lip fillers or liquid nose jobs (or both) to balance out the augmentations.

How Long Is The Process?

Administering filler to the chin can be a relatively short process depending on the amount of filler being applied. Clients can expect the procedure to take 35-45 minutes, the same can be said for the jawline as well. Combining the services can make the duration of the appointment a full hour.

What Is The Cost Of Chin Filler?

The price of chin filler can vary based on the amount needed to achieve the desired result. The pricing can range from $600-$2,000 and the amount needed can be determined upon consultation.