Smile Line Filler

Smile Line Filler


1 hour: 1 ML of HA Filler through the area of the smile line or marionette line region of the face. Topical numbing is provided prior to services. Physician at Deux Rose’ Beauty Refinery must deem you medically stable to receive services. Please know all injection appointments will have a consult with a physician and registered nurse. More than one syringe of filler may be necessary to provide maximum desired results.

What Is Smile Line Filler?

Smile Line Filler is the application of an HA Filler (hyaluronic acid filler) to the nasal labial folds/marionette lines.

How Much Is Smile Line Filler?

$600 for 1 syringe.

How Long Does Smile Line Filler Last?

6 to 8 months.

Does Smile Line Filler Hurt?

All injection patients are treated with a topical numbing agent to ensure maximum comfort.

How Is Not A Candidate For Smile Line Filler?

Patients on serious medications should consult with their physician before getting fillers, this treatment is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding.