Products, Products, Everywhere But Which One Is Best For Me?

Did you know that your skin’s behavior changes seasonally? Or that your SPF from last summer needs to be replaced? That skincare products are medical-grade if they require the retailer to have a medical license in order to sell it? There are many nuances to skincare products and knowing which brands to select, what skincare concerns you want to address or where to buy products doesn’t have to be overwhelming. 

At Deux Rose Beauty Refinery, we take pride in hosting a variety of medical grade skincare brands. This means that these brands only sell to retailers with a medical license and cannot be sold directly to the public. These are the types of skincare products that deliver serious results to treat a variety of skin concerns and age prevention. Some of these brands include, SkinBetter, SkinMedica, iSClinical and ZO Skin Health. 

Why are medical grade skincare products a value? Think of skincare using quality products as a healthy diet for your skin. If you get professional skincare treatments, you’ll want to protect your investment. Using daily skincare products are the key to preserving your skin’s health, prevent anti-aging and addresses skincare concerns. 

We’ve created a fun way to pair you with recommended skincare products and treatments without having to step foot in our clinic! How? Our Skincare Quiz is a skincare intake form on our website that allows you to input your skin type, current product regimen and what type of skincare concerns you’re wanting to treat! Our experienced estheticians carefully assess the submissions and make product and treatment recommendations designed just for you! The best part? We always include a special discount for participating in the Skincare Quiz! Submit your quiz, today!