Summer Must-Haves: Your Skin’s Guide To Surviving The Desert
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Well, there’s no denying it anymore- the summer heat has made its presence known and there’s no stopping it until September. While it’s peak season for pool parties and summer activities, the desert heat can be anything but fun and games for your skin. No, this article is not here to scare you, but to help provide you with some useful tips to surviving the summer with healthy skin.


First things first, the tale as old as time is to wear sunscreen on a daily basis and yes, it is true. The fact is, waiting to wear sunscreen until you’re out by the pool or spending the day at a theme park, isn’t all that helpful. We spend our days in the sun constantly, even if indirectly. Driving, getting gas, walking to check your mail, sitting by a window, it’s all sun exposure! And think of how often you do these activities every day, now add up all the times you’re not wearing sunscreen while doing these activities. Yikes! Let’s change this, purchase a sunscreen should be 30 SPF or higher for it to be effective and reapply as directed if you’re participating in water activities.


Serums are commonly thought of as being applied at night during your skincare routine. However, day serums are essential to help to protect your skin against UV rays. What kind of serums? So happy you asked, Vitamin C serums of course! Vitamin C serums help protect against environmental damage and UV rays (and they help brighten the skin, which who doesn’t love that?) and when paired with a daily sunscreen your skin has optimal protection. Hydrating serums are also useful, Hyaluronic Acid serums keep your skin plump and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Bottom line, use a serum and don’t let the summer have your skin looking like a raisin!


Say it with me: Moisturize. Daily. If you live in Las Vegas and have ever commented on the weather, you’ve often heard “at least it’s a dry heat! (eye roll). But, yes it’s incredibly dry, dehydrating, and dare I even say- AGING. Getting a lightweight moisturizer will help keep your skin nourished and won’t simultaneously clog your pores during the day. At night, apply a heavier moisturizer is encouraged so that the skin can fully soak up the hydration while you sleep.


That’s right! Getting professional treatments once a month compliments your at home routine. As the seasons change, so does the behavior of your skin. During the summer it’s important to focus on keeping your skin purified and hydrated! The heat causes us to sweat and as a result, our pores are wide open to catch the dirt, oils, and environmental impurities. This leaves your skin vulnerable to breakouts and other problems. The dry heat will also enhance any fine lines and wrinkles that lead to premature aging. When you receive professional skincare treatments using medical grade products it will keep your skin from looking cray!



Now that you’re equipped with your Summer Survival Guide, here are our recommendations for products and facials that we offer to help you in your UV defense!


Alastin Ultra Nourishing Moisturizer SPF 30 $40
Sorella Quench & Protect Hydrating SPF 30 $40
Sorella Tropical Topical Matte SPF 30 $40

Day Serums

CE Ferulic by SkinCeuticals $166
Phloretin CF Serum by SkinCeuticals $163
Serum 10 by SkinCeuticals $70

Hydrating Serums

Alastin Regenerating Skin Nectar $195
Alastin Restorative Skin Complex $195
Main Squeeze Hydrating Serum by Sorella $70
Facial Nectar by Sorella $50


Daily Moisture by SkinCeuticals $62

Monthly Facials

AquaGold $150+
HydraFacials $149+
Enzyme Peels $99+
Dermaplaning $89+


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