How to Calculate the Golden Ratio

Remember back in 2019 when the internet lost its mind when Bella Hadid was named the prettiest woman in the world? Boy, were those simpler times. Anyways, this was all based on the “Golden Ratio of Beauty.” What exactly is the “Golden Ratio of Beauty,” you ask? And how does it apply to you? Don’t worry, because Deux Rosé Beauty Refinery has you covered.

What is the Golden Ratio, Anyways?

During the European Renaissance, painters and statue creators actually developed an equation for the creation of their masterpieces. Theses universally adopted measurements helped create a face that was about one-and-a-half times longer than it is wide. Fast forward to modern times and this Golden Ratio of Beauty has largely gone unchanged. By measuring the length and width of a person’s face and dividing the length by the width, you would ideally come up with a number that is roughly 1.6. This would signify that a person’s face is about one-and-a-half times longer than it is wide.

How We Can Help You!

So, you’re not near that magical 1.6 number? No problem! Here at Deux Rosé, we use Phi Calipers during your injection consultation to determine how aesthetically balanced you are. This allows the patient and our licensed Nurse Injectors to discuss the procedures that’ll most closely achieve your optimal aesthetic balance.

Do you have any questions about injections or facials? Visit our Las Vegas medical spa to learn more.


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