The Hottest Trend in the Med Spa Industry… PDO Threads!

PDO threads are becoming one of the most-requested treatments in medical spas right now! PDO treatments such as brow lifts, fox eyes, non-surgical nose jobs and more are becoming increasingly popular. With this new trend arises the question, what even are PDO threads?

What are PDO threads?

PDO threads are essentially biodegradable sutures that can be placed in various areas to help with skin rejuvenation, collagen restoration and tightening and lifting of the skin. There are two different types of PDO threads… barbed and smooth threads. Barbed threads are commonly used for lifting and tightening the skin (such as a brow lift). Barbed threads anchor onto the tissue in your skin to provide an immediate lift and begin to prompt collagen production. Smooth threads are used to target specific areas of concern (acne, volume deficits, etc.) that rejuvenate the skin by inducing collagen production where placed.

PDO threads dissolve within 8-10 weeks, but continue to produce collagen for up to a year after they have dissolved! Pricing varies based on many factors, so a consultation is required before your treatment.

What is the process of getting PDO threads like?

Before any thread is ever inserted, we require that a consultation is scheduled with one of our experienced injectors. The injector will assess your facial features, discuss your aesthetic goals and more to develop a treatment plan specific for you. When it comes time for your PDO treatment, the injectors will start by numbing the areas they will be inserting the threads. Patients are fully awake for their treatment, and most patients say they feel minimal (if any) pain during the treatment.

After patients have been numbed, the injector will create a pilot hole. This pilot hole is used to insert your PDO threads! The PDO threads are inserted using a cannula, which is a flexible tool with a blunt tip, making it safe and easy to move through the skin. After all of the threads have been inserted, your injector will cut off any excess thread outside of the area of application and you’re done! For barbed threads, you will see immediate results. For smooth threads, the collagen production will begin immediately and will gradually increase over time.

What is the downtime like?

For PDO threads, common side effects include redness, swelling, minor bruising, soreness and slight discomfort. These side effects typically subside within a few days after application. After receiving your threads, avoid rubbing your face, sleeping on your side and intense exercising for 1-2 weeks.

How much does it cost?

The cost of PDO threads varies based on many factors such as which areas you’d like treated, how many threads needed and more! Due to this price variation, this is why we require a consultation prior to treatment.

PDO threads are a great non-surgical alternative for patients wanting to add lift, tightness and/or rejuvenation to their skin. Due to the incredible results and quick turnaround time, we see why PDO threads are the hottest new trend right now! If you’re interested in booking your consultation, give our front desk a call at 702-683-2831. Let’s refine your beauty!