All About Laser Hair Removal

Three words: Laser. Hair. Removal. You’ve been asking for it and we’ve finally added it to our repertoire. If you’re a laser hair removal veteran, you can now enjoy the service under the same roof as your lip filler treatments and custom facials. However, if you’re new to the hair removal world, allow us to drop some knowledge and let you know why our Las Vegas laser hair removal procedure is so important.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

As its name states, laser hair removal is the process of using a laser to remove hair. At Deux Rosé we use our 810mm laser to target the hair follicle’s melanin. The energy in the laser damages the hair follicle which inhibits or delays hair growth.

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

While damage to the hair follicle delays hair growth for extended periods of time, it usually doesn’t result in permanent hair removal. Instead, maintenance treatments may be needed.

How Many Laser Hair Removal Treatments are Needed?

While every patient is different, most people need between 6-8 laser hair removal sessions. Hair grows in cycles and the laser only damages the hair follicle in actively growing hair. That is why it takes multiple sessions to target all the hair in each different cycle.

How Long Should I Wait Between Laser Hair Removal Treatments?

Patients should wait 4-6 weeks between laser hair removal treatments.

Who is a Candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal can be performed on all skin types, although those with darker skin may require more treatments due to the energy levels permitted. The laser targets melanin in the hair follicle, so the risk of damaging the skin is higher when there is less contrast between the hair and the skin. The treatment is most effective on patients with light skin and dark hair.

Is Laser Hair Removal Painful?

The treatment on its own can cause mild pain, especially in sensitive areas like the neck or bikini area. Most patients describe the sensation as a hot rubber band snap. Because of this, we can apply numbing cream to the area upon patient request.  

Laser hair removal in Las Vegas has never been more popular. Hopefully this guide has taught you a thing or two about the treatment, or, at the very least, made you more comfortable about asking questions. Speaking of, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation for this or any of our injection services


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