Why Injector Experience Matters
Why Exeperience Matters: Restylane Kysse and Dysport Product

When you see a wrinkle, sagging skin or other signs of aging, you might immediately think of fillers as the solution. While you might be correct, you might also be surprised at how an experienced injector will use different modalities to treat aesthetic correction. For instance, if you see volume loss in your midface, you might assume filler is the answer. In reality, a combination of PDO threads and Sculptra might be the best treatments for you! When embarking on your injectables journey, it’s vital that you choose an experienced injector who understands anatomy who also considers your aesthetic goals.

The best injectors understand the entire facial structure and exactly what they need to do to provide a gentle enhancement that looks natural. To learn more about our nurse injectors at Deux Rosé Beauty Refinery, click here. Here are a few general characteristics to look for when choosing your injector:

Consistent Training: In the aesthetics industry, there is always more to learn as new technology and techniques are always being developed. A good injector understands this, and he/she attends new trainings, conducts their own research, applies new education to existing knowledge & more.

Thorough Knowledge of Products/Treatments: With many facial injectable treatments and products, an injector must have a complete awareness of the uses, doses, and possible side effects of each treatment and/or products.

Must Be Able to Say “No”: Just as a primary doctor always determines a patient’s level of well-being before proceeding with surgery or medication, an injector must be able and willing to delay or deny giving an injection in any circumstance that might compromise the health of a patient or when it is clearly unadvised. A good injector always knows when to say “no” to their patient.

Transparent and Communicative: A good injector should be open with their patient! The ability to help a patient relax while also explaining the treatment in simpler terms is a skill that is quite useful.

The right injector will patiently discuss your aesthetic goals and explain the various modalities that exist. Together, you’ll determine the best treatment plan for your particular concerns and learn in-detail exactly what is involved. This process will have the added benefit of creating a lasting bond of trust and understanding between you and your injector.

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