Erbium YAG Treatments: What Even Are They?
Erbium YAG

Have you ever heard of an Erbium YAG treatment? Although it sounds like a silly name, it’s actually a legitimate laser treatment! Out of all of the laser treatments we offer at Deux Rosé Beauty Refinery, what makes this one different? Keep reading to find out!

What is Erbium YAG?

Erbium YAG laser treatments are minimally-invasive skin resurfacing treatments that completely transform your skin. This laser treatment works by targeting the water in the dermis and epidermis to help turn over and tighten the skin… We like to call it the laser alternative to chemical peels! By turning over the skin, this treatment helps improve texture, fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, skin laxity and overall appearance.

How long does it take to see results?

Results from this treatment can be seen almost immediately! Immediately post-treatment, your skin will look brighter and feel smoother. As your skin heals in the days/weeks following the treatment, you will continue to see improvements. Additionally, you will continue to see improved results throughout multiple sessions and as the deeper layers of tissue continue to heal.

What is the downtime like for Erbium YAG treatments?

The downtime for this treatment varies as Erbium YAG treatments can be performed at a variety of intensities, depending on the patient. Typically, the downtime for this treatment is 1-3 weeks.

For 7 days, patients should avoid the sun and any sweating. Following the treatment, you can expect redness and possible peeling of the skin. It’s also important that you avoid any skincare products that contain active ingredients until your skin is fully healed.

What do I do after I’ve received my treatment?

After your treatment is over, your nurse will send you home with post-care products to help keep your skin moisturized. There is a limited amount of products you can use immediately post-care, so be sure to listen to your provider’s advice!

When it comes time to wash your face, be sure to only use cold or lukewarm water. As we mentioned earlier, you should avoid skincare products with active ingredients (retinol/retinoid, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, etc.) until your skin has fully healed. To ensure you’re protecting your skin, avoid the sun for 1-3 weeks and always wear a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. If you have any aftercare questions, always feel free to contact out front desk!

Erbium YAG treatments are safe for all skin types and are a great option for patients looking to completely transform their skin! We typically recommend 3-6 sessions depending on your results, your esthetician’s suggestions and your desired aesthetic goals. If you’re ready to book your skincare consultation, give our office a call at 702-683-2831 or click here to book online.