Top 5 Benefits of Microneedling Treatments

Microneedling treatments are a type of collagen induction therapy with many benefits. With microneedling, our estheticians use sterile needling to create mini trauma to the skin, which results in the production of collagen. At Deux Rosé Beauty Refinery, we use the FDA-approved SkinPen for our microneedling treatments to give you get the best treatment possible! To learn more about the benefits of microneedling, keep reading!

1.) Collagen Production

If you’re not familiar with what collagen is, it’s a protein in the skin that enables structure, strength and a youthful appearance. When you are receiving a microneedling treatment, the mini trauma from the treatment causes a boost in collagen and elastin production. When there is a boost in collagen, this can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. For the best results, we recommend booking at least three microneedling treatments with 4-6 weeks in between each treatment.

2.) Scar Reduction

As we mentioned earlier, microneedling induces the production of collagen and elastin. Because of this, microneedling can be quite effective at diminishing acne scarring and other scars on the skin. Additionally, microneedling is safe on all skin types! However, it is important to note that microneedling can help with most scars except keloid (AKA raised) scars.

3.) Hyperpigmentation & Sun Damage

If your skin has been damaged by the sun, microneedling can help! Sun damage often looks like blotchiness and/or discoloration of the skin and this treatment can help even out your skin tone. Microneedling stimulates new cell growth, which can help with redness, hyperpigmentation, age spots and uneven skin tone.

4.) Effectiveness of Skincare

Due to the mini trauma microneedling causes to the skin, it assists with the absorption of topical products. Products like serums, moisturizers, and creams are better absorbed by the micro-channels created by the microneedling treatment, which in return, helps with the overall hydration of your skin.

5.) Less Downtime

Another amazing benefit of microneedling is that it has less downtime compared to other services such as laser treatments or chemical peels. Microneedling gives you essentially immediate results with no downtime. Within 24-48 hours of your treatment, most patients say they can see a visible difference in their skin. With other treatments, it can take weeks or months to begin to see a visible change!

Microneedling is an effective way to achieve a more radiant and youthful complexion. We recommend this treatment to anyone who is wanting to rejuvenate their skin! To book your appointment, give our front desk a call at 702-683-2831 or click here to book online.