Medical Grade Skincare vs. Regular Skincare
medical grade skincare

In the skincare industry there is a plethora of products and brands to choose from. For many people, this can become confusing or overwhelming when you don’t know which products are most suitable for your skincare concerns. Often times, regular skincare products that you can purchase anywhere won’t yield the results you’re looking for. To learn more about the difference between regular skincare and medical grade skincare, keep reading!

1.) Scientifically Proven

Medical grade skincare products are based off science and studies. This means these products go through clinical trials to scientifically prove these products yield the results they claim to. Despite what other marketing campaigns might have you believe, this is not true for regular skincare brands in the general cosmetic industry.

2.) Expertise

With regular, average skincare products, you typically purchase these products based off your own skincare self-diagnosis. When this happens, this means you might be purchasing products that aren’t accurately treating your skin concerns or worse… they’re making them worse!

When you purchase medical grade skincare at Deux Rosé Beauty Refinery, we can schedule a skincare consultation with one of our talented and certified estheticians where they recommend medical grade products specifically for you and your concerns.

Don’t have time for a consultation? Click here to take our online skincare quiz to see which products we recommend for you!

3.) Regulated by the FDA

When you’re shopping for medical grade skincare, you can only purchase these products from clinics with a medical director. Medical grade skincare contains high-strength ingredients in them, which means they are subject to FDA regulation. In comparison, the traditional cosmetic industry is largely self-regulated, which results in inconsistency in safety and efficacy of the products.

Medical grade skincare does not require a prescription, but medical grade products do work more quickly and effectively to treat your specific skin concerns and improve your skin’s general health.

4.) Direct from Manufacturer

At Deux Rosé Beauty Refinery, we purchase our inventory directly from the manufacturers. Although you might find medical grade skincare online, approximately 33% of those products may not be genuine. To avoid any skincare disasters, we recommend purchasing your skincare directly from our clinic or from our Deux Rosé Physician Store online.

5.) Comprehensive Treatment Plans

When you come to visit Deux Rosé, we build treatment plans specifically for you and your skin concerns. To maximize your results, we often recommend medical grade skincare products in conjunction with other esthetic treatments and/or injectable treatments.

Our estheticians and injectors provide you with expert recommendations so you can achieve the aesthetic goals you’ve always wanted. To book your skincare consultation and begin your skincare journey, contact our office by calling 702-683-2831 or click here to book online.