What The Heck Are Jelly Masks?

It’s not uncommon to see unique trends in the world of esthetics, but one that we’ve come to love at Deux Rose Beauty Refinery are hydro-jelly masks from EstheMax.

If you’re unfamiliar with the EstheMax brand, this Korean skincare company works wonders with their suite of products. These products include but not limited to, hydro-jelly masks, ampoules, rubber masks, sheet masks, under eye and lip masks and much more. One of the many things that make this brand unique, is their style of distribution. They only sell to establishments that have a licensed esthetician on premise and do not sell their products directly to the public. Korean brands are also famous for their advances in skincare and anti-aging technologies. On average, Korean skincare brands are between 5 to 10 years more advanced than American skincare companies, which is one of the reasons we love carrying their products!

This brings us to one of our favorite products- the hydro-jelly masks. For those who follow us on social media, we post these jelly masks often. The masks come in powder form and are activated by water, turning the powder into a jelly-like consistency. Jelly masks are algae based and contain organic ingredients and they seal in nutrients and infused them into the skin. We carry a variety of these jelly masks and they each have a unique property to treat a plethora of skincare ailments while cooling the skin. We offer jelly masks in our Custom Facial, Microneedling and our HydraFacial treatments.

Recently, EstheMax has created the at-home jelly kits and we offer these for retail in our clinic! Each jelly kit comes with two masks and comes in the options of Egyptian Rose, Super Greens and Antioxidant Gogi and costs just $30! These are a great way to bring your favorite professional treatment home with you.



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