What You Should Know About Microneedling: The Good, The Bad, and The Skin Pen

In the world of medical esthetics, microneedling is an extremely popular service. Microneedling is a collagen inducing treatment that helps to smooth textured skin, break up discoloration and acne scarring, and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Microneedling pens have a gauge to measure the depth of the needle, so the depth can be controlled and deliberate to deliver micro-punctures to the targeted areas. This prompts the skin to heal itself by expediting collagen production. These treatments are resurfacing, effective, and transformative, but only if done correctly.

As of 2019, there is only one FDA approved microneedling pen, which is called The Skin Pen by Bellus Medical. Our clinic uses The Skin Pen, but the enforcement of requiring clinics use FDA approved pens is abysmal. Clinics time and time again have been using micro needling pens from sources such as Amazon or overseas companies. Clinics using non-regulated microneedling pens can cause blood-borne illnesses and skin damage due to lack of safety features.

When a client is microneedling, blood is produced as a result of the micro-punctures, this can cause what is called, backflow, in the back of the pens tip. Due to the hard to reach area behind the microneedle pen tip, clients are at the mercy of the clinic’s sanitation protocols to ensure they are not spreading blood borne diseases. Also, by using non-regulated microneedling pens, the depth of the needle is not always predictable and controlled and can significantly tear the skin causing scarring and discoloration.

The Skin Pen eliminates the possibility of blood borne illnesses and damage due to the safety features it comes with, starting with the sleeve. This is the protective wrap that is slipped over The Skin Pen after each client, this acts as a barrier over the pen for any fluids that are emitted from the product used on the patient or the patient themselves. The next protective feature is the tip of The Skin Pen, once it has been put on the microneedling pen, it can not be taken off for reuse. Once it has been taken off the pen, it breaks and is unable to be put back on, which eliminates the possibility of backflow. The needles of The Skin Pen are inspected for straightness to ensure that the needles aren’t hooked or barbed to prevent the skin from getting snagged during the treatment. Lastly, The Skin Pen is wireless, which prevents any substance from collecting onto the cord.

Whether you are a client of Deux Rose Beauty Refinery or not, we want clients to be fully equipped with knowledge so that they can understand what these treatments fully are and that they have a right to ask questions prior to your appointment to ensure you’re receiving the safest result.

When getting microneedling treatments, you as a client have the right to ASK what microneedling pen is being used!



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