Kybella- Let’s Banish Your Double Chin

If you don’t love your double chin, then you’ll love Kybella. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Kybella, this injection treatment is not a dermal filler or an anti-wrinkle toxin, Kybella is used to permanently eliminate stubborn fat cells in targeted areas.

Yes, you read that correctly- permanently eliminate stubborn fat cells.

But before you book your appointment, let’s talk about what Kybella exactly is, where it can be applied, and what to expect after your treatment. Kybella is a deoxycholic acid and this acid is actually produced by the body in the digestive system. The acid works to break down fat cells in targeted areas and commonly treated areas are, the double chin, the lower belly, and arm fat. It is important to emphasize that Kybella is ideal for small areas of fat and most clients will require more than one treatment. Each seating of Kybella requires two vials of the acid and on average patients will need a total of 4 or more vials, which is a minimum of two seatings. Once a patient has been seen by our nurse injector, we can determine how many treatments will be needed to accomplish the desired result. Clients can receive treatments one month apart, but are not permitted to receive more than 6 treatments (12 total vials).

So what does a typical Kybella treatment look like from start to finish?

Let’s say a patient is coming to get their double chin treated, after the paperwork and medical evaluation have been completed, the patient is then seated in preparation for Kybella. A strong numbing agent is applied to the targeted area, and a grid is then applied to the skin to mark the areas for the injection. The Kybella is then injected into the mapped areas until the vials have been emptied and the effects of the Kybella can be seen and felt immediately.

It is to be expected that the site of the injection will begin to swell, the bulk of the swelling will subside a few days after the injection and the remainder of the swelling will subside over the next few weeks. Some patients may experience bruising, but it is not common.

Who is not a candidate for Kybella? If you have received surgery in the past on the desired treatment area, please notify our doctor. If you are pregnant or nursing, have serious bleeding disorders, or are taking serious medication then you need to alert our medical staff. This treatment will not be administered to anyone under the age of 18 in our clinic.

Lastly, and perhaps the most important question, why get Kybella? For patients who are insecure about their appearance and do not want to undergo surgery or other invasive fat removing treatments, Kybella is the ideal alternative. There is very little downtime and patients can go about their daily activities immediately after their appointment.

Now, let’s get you in for your Kybella appointment, call our clinic at 702-683-2831!


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