Why It’s The Season For Medical Esthetics 

While facials should be done all year round, some seasons are better suited for services over others. As we slip out of summer and into September, it’s the perfect time to rehabilitate your skin from the summertime activities that can be harsh on your skin. 

You may be  asking yourself, “what treatments are categorized as medical esthetics?” Medical esthetic services may require the provider to have a medical director on staff due to the nature of the treatment. These treatments are typically invasive and require down time or they include high-strength chemical peels.

Our favorite medical esthetic treatments include Microneedling, Vi Peels, SkinBetter and SkinCeuticals chemical peels and RF Microneedling treatments. Each of these treatments offer a variety of benefits that range from acne solutions, scarring and pigment reduction, wrinkle reduction and collagen production. 

As the seasons change it also means that your immediate skincare concerns may also change. Staying ahead of the upcoming changes that come with dry and cold weather will be advantageous for your skincare efforts. 

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