Why You Should Consider Chin Filler

When you think of “injections” the first thing that comes into your mind probably isn’t chin filler, but here’s why it should be. It’s become increasingly trendy to get lip filler injections, but when getting lip filler, you should also consider chin filler in the same seating. Why? Well, when you enhance your features with lip filler, you ultimately change your original aesthetic balance. By getting chin filler, it restores balance for your new facial proportions and we have just the product to use for it! Restylane Defyne is now the only filler product that has been officially indicated for chin filler. The product is ideal for this area for producing a structured, yet natural feeling result. When visiting our clinic for your next lip filler appointment, discuss with your nurse injector if chin filler using Restylane Defyne may be the right treatment for you!