Your Skincare Purchases Can Get You Discounts On Botox

Staying consistent with your skincare routine doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it should be easy and rewarding. SkinMedica makes staying on track with your skincare routine easy with their subscription option while earning points with every purchase. SkinMedica is one of the medical grade skincare lines that we carry at Deux Rosé Beauty Refinery and is produced by Allergan. If that sounds familiar to you, it’s because Allergan is the company that manufactures Botox and Juvederm. Allergan has blended the benefits of skincare and injections with their rewards program called Allē where users can earn points for discounts on skincare and injections. Here is a breakdown of what this means! 

  1. For every $1 spent on SkinMedica skincare products, clients earn 1 Allē reward point. It is the most robust way to earn Allē points. Points can be earned and used towards any item in the Allergan portfolio (Botox, Juvederm and SkinMedica) and redeemed in our clinic.
  2. Clients can set the parameters of their skin subscription based on terms that work just for them. This includes a 30 day, 45 day, 60 day and 90 day auto shipment frequency. Clients can also pause their subscription or modify it at any time. 
  3.  The SkinMedica subscription includes 20% off and 2 day free shipping. 
  4. The subscription can include entire SkinMedica regimens or individual items. 

For additional information on the Allē app, how to earn points for discounted Allergan injections or which SkinMedica products to purchase, contact our office at 702-683-2831!