Introducing Our Newest Offer!

If you missed out on our $899 Standard Package, there is no need to worry! We’re now introducing our latest offer to all of our patients at Deux Rosé Beauty Refinery!

For our newest offer, when you purchase two syringes or vials, you’ll receive 50% OFF your Dysport treatment. When you purchase three syringes or vials, you’ll receive a FREE Dysport treatment! Dysport is a neuromodulator (AKA anti-wrinkle) that temporarily freezes the targeted muscles which results in a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

The cost of each syringe varies based on which areas are being treated, how many syringes are needed to achieve desired results & more. The best way to determine the specific price is by scheduling a consultation where our nurses can measure your features and provide you with more information!

If you’re interested in booking an appointment and/or a consultation, contact our office at 702-683-2831!

Please note the following terms and conditions: No prepayments allowed. Offer valid only for Dysport treatments. All product must be received in the same visit. Single dose vial only. Services cannot be split with others. Package cannot be modified.